The Brick Township School District reported three cases of chicken pox on today and supposedly sent out a warning letter to parents.


Superintendent Walter Uszenski didn't confirm whether the three students infected were vaccinated or not.

Cases of measles are popping up across the country at alarming rates. Measles! We haven't heard about a widespread measles outbreak in a while because for years now, we've had vaccines for prevention.

The choice to vaccinate your child or not should be an option. Immunizations can save your child’s life and equally as important, they can save other children's lives and future generations. After years of careful studies from scientists, doctors and healthcare professionals, vaccination is very safe and effective. For parents to opt not to vaccinate their children in dangerously irresponsible.

I was shocked to learn that Monmouth County has the lowest vaccination rate in the state at 92 percent. In Ocean County, 94 percent of children have been fully vaccinated which is also among the lowest in New Jersey.

The state requires students to have at least one dose of the chicken pox vaccine and present documentation in order to attend school. State law also mandates students to be vaccinated for measles, mumps, polio and hepatitis B among other illnesses.

Do the right thing for your own children and others.