All of the healthcare workers everywhere in the world will forever be our heroes. Many businesses are still thanking healthcare workers and one of those businesses is Chipotle.

According to USA Today, Chipotle is looking to give away 250,000 burritos to nurses and healthcare workers. We learned that one of the reasons that they are doing this great event is because they are trying to honor all nurses and healthcare workers on National Nurses Day.

It was stated on USA Today that starting tomorrow (Thursday, April 29) nurses, medical providers, and hospital providers workers will be able to obtain a code that allows them to get a FREE burrito from Chipotle.

The only thing that all nurses, medical providers, and hospital providers must do is sign up to be able to get the code for the free burrito. These individuals must visit the Chipotle Gives website.

On the Chipotles Gives website, it was mentioned that the codes will be ready for all healthcare heroes starting at 10 am Pacific Standard Time (1 pm EST) on Thursday, April 19. If you are a healthcare hero that is trying to get a free burrito just know that the codewords are while supply lasts.

While browsing the Chipotle Gives website you will find some cute heartwarming messages going out to all healthcare workers. Here are some of those messages. "Thank you to all healthcare workers who cared for me and my growing baby. Even in the middle of a pandemic, you have made this process very special."

As always, a ton of love to all healthcare workers that have helped us all stay healthy during this pandemic.

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