The race is on...I'm sad to say that Christmas is over, but now it's time to make a decision.

How long do you leave the decorations up?

There are some who go with the one-day rule...meaning the day after Christmas it's time to take down the tree, wrap up the lights, and stuff it all into the basement until next year.

Then there are those who wait until New Year's, and others who don't even celebrate Christmas until around January 7.

Some people just procrastinate (I'm right there with ya)...and leave their lights up as long as possible.

They definitely need to be down by February...then you're into Valentine's territory...and if you're one of those all-year types, then we need to talk.

I think it's best to just not do it all in one fell swoop. Make it a gradual thing...take down the tree first...then the outside mats and other random decorations can go back in the box last.

I'm thinking first week of January is the best bet. You don't want to be the last house on the block with lights still up on the's like being the last one picked in dodgeball.

Enjoy it for a few more days...then say goodbye to the red and green til next year.

How much do you decorate for the holidays? Tell us in the comment section below!

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