The only thing harder to find than this year's hottest toy at the Jersey Shore is an actual parking spot to leave your car in to go search for that toy.

Let's be honest. Parking lots are not the strongest areas of pride at the Jersey Shore. They are always too small, too crowded and often designed by people that seem to have a sick sense of humor.

Think about it for a minute. They are impossible to get into. They are impossible to get out of. and when you're in there, it's often impossible to find a parking spot. Have I used the word impossible enough here?

Now you factor in Christmas, when, apparently, everybody thinks their schedule is more important than yours, and you wind up with a recipe for some two word Jersey phrases that go beyond 'bah humbug'.

I was in the Stop 'N Shop parking lot in Point Pleasant a few days ago, and it was horrible. No one was letting anyone in or out and people were lurching their cars toward parking spots. It was a mess, and this scene is happening just about everywhere there is a parking lot.

So here are our 3 wishes for parking lots this holiday season...

(1) More parking spots. Seems simple right. It's bad when you are so desperate for a spot that you get angry at how many spots the shopping cart return areas are taking up.

(2) More patience. In New Jersey it seems that whenever we see a crowded lot we immediately get frustrated and start losing our minds. Take a breath!

(3) More holiday spirit. If you were at a party, would you race to the one spot left on the couch to beat your friend there? So, why is it ok in a parking lot?

Please people, let's try to help each other out with this one. Nobody has the time and nobody wants to be late, especially this time of year, but I think we can all do a little better on this one.

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