Last week, Jimmy Kimmel had his viewers participate in what might be one of the cutest holiday pranks of all time.

After getting such a huge response after Kimmel’s Halloween Candy Prank, he asked parents to nicely wrap something that their kids would not want, then to surprise their little ones by letting them open this one gift early. Finally, parents were instructed to record their kids’ reactions while opening their “presents”. 

Creative parents from all over the country submitted videos of their children opening items such as a hammer, a sandwich, a can of beans, and even a rotten banana! Toward the end of Jimmy Kimmel’s video below, one mother says: “We thought really hard about what to get you.” Her son’s response…”Well you didn’t do a very good job!”

Watch as the kids fall victim to the hysterical prank that their parents play on them. (Warning: Slight NSFW language at the 4:45 mark)



Have you ever played a Holiday prank on someone in your family? Share the details below!