With no fans being allowed into Major League Baseball stadiums for the 2020 season, teams are coming up with other creative options. Korean teams have put stuffed animals in the seats, one soccer team "mistakenly" put sex dolls in the stands, and now the Mets have announced that the seats at Citi Field would be full of cardboard cutouts. The coolest part? They will be portrayals of actual fans!

Not every fan will be able to have a doppleganger just yet - for now, only season-ticket holders who renew their package for the 2021 season will get cardboard lookalikes. According to SNY, it is likely that other fans will be able to pay to have their cutouts there as well.

I haven't seen any information on just how big the cutouts will be. I assume it would have to be pretty close to life-size, even if it is just from the waist up. The Mets also have a few restrictions for any fans who want to buy a cutout:

  • No hashtags, social media or phone numbers
  • No offensive language
  • No MLB player names
  • No negative references toward any MLB team
  • No advertisements or branding
  • No political statements or endorsements

So, if you wanted to wear your "Phillies Suck" tshirt or try to plug your Instagram or voice your opinions on the upcoming election, you're out of luck.

All proceeds from the cutout purchases will be going to the Mets Foundation COVID-19 Relief Fund.

And, because it is literally never not funny, here is this:

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