One of the things that I thought I'd miss a lot during the pandemic was sports. Now I'm starting to wonder why.

I get all the reasons why it's so important for sports to get back in action. I get why people are really excited about it. At least we had some baseball to watch this summer, right? Well, I'm not so sure I agree.

First of all, as a Mets fan, I am subject to a level of anger, frustration, stress and anxiety on a regular basis. You may think that type of experience would have prepared me for the pandemic, but it turns out the stress just seems to compound.

So, the only thing that I truly enjoyed this baseball season are the plastic cut outs of the fans sitting in the actual seats of those fans at CitiField. Great idea, and a nice distraction from most of the games.

The Mets are performing just like you'd expect them to...winning enough games to make you think they have a shot at the playoffs, while losing enough to ensure they won't. Even a short Mets season is an annoying one.

And now we have my beloved Giants. Could the Giants provide me with some of the sports pleasures the Mets have once again snatched from my grasp this season. Could they make this whole 2020 thing just a little better for me?

Well, the Giants season started last night with a big addition to the loss column. Big Blue dropped their season opener to Big Ben and the Pittsburgh Steelers, so football looks like it's only adding to my misery so far this sports year.

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