I'm certain that working on this morning show will eventually give me six pack abs. Lou and I make each other laugh until it hurts and this is just another example. In case you missed it, apparently, Lou Russo is nothing short of a Christmas miracle.

Let me explain. It's on record that I'm a people-pleaser who always tries to get an "A". Yes, I was the kid that reminded the teacher if she forgot to give us a pop quiz, I sat in the front row and I may or may not have color-coded my homework. So when our big boss sent out an email requesting that we come dressed in our most festive holiday outfits to help our sister station launch their Holiday promotion, I was going to be ready.

I set an alert on my phone, I went into storage and pulled out the perfect outfit, and I reminded Lou...twice. When it was time to leave for the gathering I said, "Lou you ready for that thing?" He says, "What thing?" I shake my head, find decorations around the station and decorate him and what happens next is Lou's early Christmas gift.  Listen to it here:

As it turns out, I did all the preparations...was shooting for that gold star sticker and I was ultimately not even in the photo that went to cooperate. Here is the infamous photo...Merry Freakin' Christmas everyone.

Photo credit: Townsquare Media
Photo credit: Townsquare Media

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