Today was a big day at the Point Studio. We unveiled our new studio sponsor. It's a new level of partnership with some wonderful, long-time friends. When the studio was renamed the "Hackensack Meridian Studio" it was emotional for me, because it brought me back to the day they saved my life, literally.

It was an October day in 2013 when I started to feel a weird pain in my left shoulder while I was doing some walking on the treadmill. I didn't think much of it, since I had tried to lift an outdoor table by myself the day before, and frankly, I'm not the strongest guy on the block.

But in the next half hour, the pain seemed to get a little worse, and, I'm not kidding here, something inside me said I better get checked out. I'm not the kind of guy to run to the doctor, and yet a feeling I had led me to get ready to get to Ocean University Medical Center to get it checked out.

I drove myself there (a ten-minute ride) still thinking it was a shoulder injury, but by the time I was on Route 70 and Van Zile, I knew something else was going on. Then the pain in my arm started.

A few minutes later, I was being treated in the Emergency Department (this was before the amazing new E.D. was built) by some of the finest doctors and nurses, and between their quick, amazing work and the genius of Dr. Pinellas and the staff in the Cath Lab, my life was saved.

And these amazing professionals do this kind of thing every day. I consider myself lucky, but only in the fact that I was fortunate to make the quick decision to get help. After that, luck had nothing to do with it.

So, you can bet when I say the Hackensack Meridian Health Studio each day, I'm going to say it with a lot of pride, a lot of emotion, and a lot of appreciation.

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