Have you found yourself watching some of the classic tv shows of your childhood?  Networks such as MeTV (Memorable Entertainment Television), Cozy TV and Antenna TV are primarily responsible for the nostalgia trigger.  Remember when the opening credits featured a catchy song and there was no need for a rating in the upper left corner of your tv screen?  Three’s Company may be mocked as the show where all of the episodes were about “the misunderstanding,” but you can’t deny the fact that John Ritter’s impeccable knack for slapstick and comedic timing was pure sitcom gold.  Even though you might have repeatedly seen every episode from the Roper’s to Mr Furley and the poor attempt to fill the “Chrissy” void, you never tire of watching them again and get extra excited when your favorite episode airs.  This escape from daily stress to a happier, simpler time is a mental health necessity.  Part of the “comfort” comes from the concept that we respond favorably to familiarity.  Even though we know the storylines, we want to experience them one more time for that feel good feeling.  The repetition requires little mental effort to process, which makes comfort binge-watching a breeze.  Don’t you also listen to your favorite songs over and over?  Feels good, doesn’t it?  If anyone accuses you of living in the past, research shows our affinity for the classics may make us more optimistic about the future.

Another positive effect of the classic tv comeback is that Millennials need to be introduced to the genius that is Norman Lear, who fearlessly tackled tv taboos with programs such as All in the Family, The Jeffersons, Maude and Good Times.  Lear’s work is more than funny lines.  They were thought-provoking storylines, smartly written and performed by timeless characters with unique mannerisms in front of a “live studio audience.”  So the next time you want to “take the good and take the bad,” accept the fact the seven castaways never really leave the island, enjoy some classic comfort tv “down at our rendezvous.”  In case you haven’t figured it out yet, classic tv is one of my favorites and humor is my healthplan!


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