SUMMIT — Minutes counted as firefighters raced to get a toddler freed from an accidentally locked car.

City of Summit Megan Trindell spokeswoman said a babysitter immediately called the 2-year-old's parents and 911 to get help to unlock the car at Soldiers Memorial Field at 10:51 a.m.

Temperatures were in the upper 80s with high humidity as police were on the scene by 10:54 a.m. followed immediately by firefighters who went right to work. By 10:59 a.m. the child was freed.

Everyone was fine, according to Trindell. But it could have had a far worse outcome.

How fast does a car heat up?
How fast does a car heat up? (Canva)

Summit Fire Chief Eric Evers told News 12 that on a day like Thursday with the heat index in the 90s being left inside a car longer than 10 minutes can be fatal.

The National Weather Service said the temperature inside a vehicle can rise significantly even with cooler temperatures outside with the majority of the temperature rise occurring within the first 15 to 30 minutes.

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