I'm starting to think I have a problem.

I crave it. When I don't have it, I turn into several of those famous dwarves: Grumpy, Sleepy, Dopey...and the lesser known Witchy. With a capital B.

What is this wonderous substance? Coffee. And I'm fresh out.

I normally pace myself with my little two-cup travel mug to have enough to last until after my shift. 3 p.m. hits and I'm likely to be going on a coffee run. (And man, back in the day when I worked at Starbucks? I was averaging about eight espresso shots a day!)

Sure, we have a coffee machine here, but it's just not the same. And I just can't deal with powdered creamer. It grosses me out. (I know the liquid Coffeemate is full of equally disgusting chemicals, but it looks enough like milk that I'm okay with it.)

It doesn't help that it's dark and cloudy today. Does wonders for my mood.

I'm in full-on addict mode. I'm starting to get itchy. Do you have a problem too? Join the club.

Coffee Addicts (Not-So) Anonymous meets daily at a coffee shop near you.