This mansion that is up for sale in Colts Neck is not a is a COMMUNITY!

The house up for sale is located at 152 Bucks Mill Road in Colts neck.

This piece of property occupies about 5 acres of land and the house itself has 33 different rooms!

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There is also a 19-foot foyer, Cinderella staircase, Parlor with 3 sets of French doors, a state-of-the-art chef's kitchen, multiple relaxing common areas and even a bidet!

And that is just what this mansion has to offer indoors.

This castle -- because let's face it, this house is built for royalty -- comes with an 8-car garage, an in-ground pool, a hot tub, 2 gazebos, a full outdoor kitchen and so much space you could host some killer partays!

And's not's PARTAY!

So all of these amenities are impressive, right? Well it will cost you.

The house is being listed for $7.7 million. If you put 20% down, the monthly payment will come out to about $31K per month. WOW.

Are you interested in buying this house? Or maybe buying it for me?

Check it out at

Let's take a closer look at this gorgeous Jersey Shore mansion:

Sneak Peek At This Colts Neck Mansion Up For Sale

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