I've had a cold for the last few days, and when a coughing fit had me at wit's end last night, combined with not being able to sleep because of the time change, I decided the best option was a shot of the good stuff.

Not vodka, NyQuil. And it was a great idea until this morning.

You see, there's something really calming and comforting about taking NyQuil. I always go for the liquid, because I think it works faster, and the red 'cherry' flavor because it's ever-so-slightly less disgusting than the green one.

You take the shot, and settle in, knowing that NyQuil coma will have you out cold in about 20 minutes. There's no sleep like that NyQuil sleep.

And then you wake up. Or at least you try to...and then comes that dreaded NyQuil hangover.

I tried to avoid this morning! I only took a half dose last night, thinking it would help me avoid the dreaded fog.

It didn't work. I woke up with heavy eyelids, in that state of delirium where you aren't sure if you're actually awake, where you are, and what day or time it is.

If my brain had legs, it was walking through waist-deep mud. When you're in that post-coma daze, there's not a whole lot you can do to escape.

It's REALLY difficult to call out sick in this job, and I already used a sick day on Friday, so staying home again wasn't really an option.

I followed the typical hangover protocol: drank some water, made some coffee, and cooked up some eggs and toast. I felt...better...but still not exactly normal, especially considering I'm still dealing with the actual cold.

In the hopes of getting through the workday without coughing non-stop, I also popped some DayQuil...besides, shouldn't DayQuil and NyQuil cancel eachother out?? (No, no they don't.)

It's been about 6 hours since my alarm went off this morning, and I'm finally starting to feel fog-free...and I'm still sure it was worth it. There's no good sleep like that NyQuil sleep.

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