What is wrong with people?!?!  This is wrong on SO many levels.  This is trending AGAIN on TikTok and New Jersey needs to have no part of this.  People are making "NyQuil Chicken" and actually hallucinating.  Experts say this is super dangerous for lots of reasons and yes, you can overdose.

The concept is to soak and cook your chicken breast in a bottle of NyQuil so that when you eat it you either hallucinate, get high or pass out.  A total moron posted his "recipe" online (video below).

Just some notes before watching the video...

First, medicine has doses for a reason. Using a bottle or more of NyQuil to marinate your meat is going to deliver toxic levels of medicine.

Not to mention:  Never in the history of ever has a sick person said, "You know what I feel like doing right now?  Making myself some chicken."  Also, NyQuil is the worst-tasting medicine on the planet, why on earth would we want to eat anything that tastes like that stuff?

Then, as if that was not enough, "waste not, want not", this creep puts the leftover raw chicken-NyQuil juice back in the bottle for next time.

You literally won't believe your eyes. I'm praying that any person who sees this realizes they SHOULD NOT TRY THIS AT HOME or EVER.  Somehow it is going viral again so I wanted to make sure you knew about this one.  Without further delay...NyQuil chicken.

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