So now that we are full swing into “Local Summer” and the kids are all back to school, planning for fall and Halloween can officially get started! Costumes, decorations, party planning and then there is the CANDY! We all can remember mid-summer seeing Halloween candy already stocked on the shelves of local stores. I shudder at the thought of my son getting stale candy on Halloween night! But, there is one candy that will be hitting the shelves soon that you will know is fresh!

M&M’s are exclusively releasing a new candy to Target Stores just in time for Halloween. The candy is called “COOKIES & SCREEEM”! Perfectly fitting! They are made from both white and dark chocolate, with cookies and cream flavor. The candy coated outer shells are black and white with speckles! These frightful delights will run you about $3.19 a bag. Scary but I have a feeling I know where my next pay check will be spent…

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