I found this ranking NJ.com did of New Jersey's 44 beaches.

While Monmouth and Ocean fared ok, I have some things to say about the rundown.

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The authors (and rankers) of this piece did address their criteria.

We judged only oceanfront beaches (no bay, lake or riverfront) on beach quality, crowd type and size, parking availability, and surrounding food, drink, and recreation. We went to one beach per town.

To be fair, the purveyors of this list did say:

...being the worst beach in New Jersey is kind of like being the worst pizza in New Jersey — it's still better than most you'd find anywhere else.

Let's take a look.

44. Seaside Park. (?!)


Maybe I'm biased because I spent my summers growing up in Seaside Park. There is no way it deserves to be dead last. NJ.com says:

"The beach itself is nothing to write home about — not worth the $10 per person daily badge fee. If you’ve made it all the way to vanilla Seaside Park, drive another few miles to Island Beach State Park and have yourself a REAL beach day."

32. Deal


NJ.com's biggest gripe was it's hard to find the beach in Deal. Really?
Deal should be higher.

1. Cape May

I really can't argue this choice for the top. I kind of had a feeling that it would land #1.

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