Just when you think you've seen it all, someone in New Jersey will have you do a doubletake. It just goes to show that those from the Garden State are full of surprises and creativity.

It was Christmas day and we had finished opening up presents in my house. As the afternoon approached, I figured it was a nice time to go on a bike ride. And anyone that knows me knows I'll try to get out for fresh air any opportunity I get.

Since the kids weren't in the mood to leave the house, my wife stayed home while I headed out (Usually my wife and I will try to alternate going out if the kids don't want to budge).

Since I live close to the Henry Hudson Trail, I decided to bike there. Little did I expect to find a decorated "tree" along the beach.

Check it out, it's really something else. And spoiler, there is one decoration that's classic Jersey all the way. I'll just say this, don't "speed" through the photos (hint, hint).

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Festive garbage tree on the beach
Mike Brant - Townsquare Media

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