Don’t you like the convenience of shopping for a car online?  When I was searching for a new vehicle before the holidays last year, I was told that I could complete the entire purchase without ever stepping inside a dealership…and this was pre-Covid 19.  Apparently, this virtual style of car buying has been going on for a while and I was considered “out of the loop” by the salesperson (who I never actually met).  If you are in the market for a newer vehicle, here are some tips to help you with your online buying experience.  First, use a car affordability calculator in order to establish a budget.  The next step is to arrange for pre-approved financing.  The fun part is searching for the make and model that suits your needs.  You should also research safety ratings and reliability before you commit.  Once you’ve narrowed down your search, have a virtual chat with the internet sales manager.  Price negotiation will occur via email, which means you will have a record of the correspondence.  Now for the test drive…many dealerships have programs where salespeople drive the vehicle to your house, so you can take a spin.  They’re called “at-home test drives.”  The added bonus is you get to test drive your new car on the roads you normally travel.  If you’re satisfied, the final phase would involve reviewing the electronic documents and providing an electronic signature.  Another bonus is that you get to review the documents at your own pace, time and in the privacy of your home rather than feeling anxious or under pressure at the dealership.  Of course, every dealership is going to have their own specialized procedures, so best to contact them directly.  Click vehicles for more general information about this convenient and rewarding experience.

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