Splash parks aren't just for the little ones, parents have a lot of fun, too. I know I do.

I remember taking Abs all the time to Asbury Splash Park, it's one of the best around, right on the boardwalk.

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All of these look really cool. I've been to Ocean Gate Splash Park and Berkeley Island Splash Park. Splash parks are so much fun, especially when it's a hot day. Lots of smiles from kids.

Cool Down With One of These Cool Splash Parks in Ocean and Monmouth County, NJ

Some of the splash parks are FREE in Ocean and Monmouth County, some have prices.

Berkeley Island Spray Park - FREE

Ocean Gate Spray Park - Beach Badges are required for the spray park.

Pine Lake Park Spray Park - FREE

Asbury Splash Park - WEEKDAYS - $10 for kids and $5 for adults - WEEKENDS $12 for kids and $6 for adults

Manalapan Recreation Spray Park - FREE

Dorbrook Recreation Spray Park - $3 per person for 90 second spray session

**Reservation are required for "some" splash parks, according to mommypoppins.com.

Some tips for a great day at the splash park:

*Bring towels and sunscreen

*Plastic baggies might work best with your cell phone and important items, so they don't get wet.

*Check their websites for changing facilities or restrooms that are available.

*Several of the splash parks have a playground near them, they are FREE.

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Most splash parks open up Memorial Day Weekend and run through Labor Day Weekend. Get ready to get wet and have some fun this summer. Your kids will love it.

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