It's a really delicious take on lemonade. Here's what's in it and where you can get it!

May I introduce to you the most fabulous new drink that I have discovered, and it's made fresh in Asbury Park at Sami's Street Food.

It is so unusual and original that you will be as excited to try it as I was. Now I'm hooked!

You can get it on ice, or frozen....OR you can add your own rum to it and make it a delicious 'adult' drink!

It's called Lebanese Lemonade and Sami, the hip young French chef and restauranteur and owner of Sami's Mediterranean Street Food, has brought this delectable treat to the Jersey Shore!

So what is it, and why is it green?

Sami's homemade Lebanese Lemonade is made with fresh lemon juice, orange blossom, mint, and sugar. (The mint is what gives it this distinctive green color.)

I love Sami's for SO many reasons....including my favorite chicken bowl pictured here, but no trip is complete without this drink. Guaranteed to put a smile on your teen's face, too!

(My favorite chicken bowl at Sami's Street Food, photo by Liz Jeressi)

For more on this amazing restaurant and all of the great dishes you can get here, you can check out my full restaurant review!

See you at Sami's!