Do we need more COVID-19 Vaccination sites? Absolutely....

Then it is a good thing that another vaccination site opened in Southern Ocean County TODAY! (Today being January 19th)

You can now receive a COVID-19 Vaccine at the Southern Regional Middle School which is located at 75 Cedar Bridge Rd in Manahawkin in Stafford Township.

This site will only be open for vaccine administration on Tuesdays and Saturdays for now.

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Take a look at 94.3 The Point's news anchor, Vin Ebenau, who was actually the very FIRST person to receive a COVID-19 Vaccine at Southern Regional Middle this morning.

And yes, Vin is eligible and that is because he has asthma which makes him more at risk when it comes to COVID-19.

Photo Credit: Vin Ebenau
Photo Credit: Vin Ebenau

Unfortunately, appointments at this vaccination site are already full for the time being and that seems to be the trend across the entire state since Group 1B was given the green light.

But try not to worry.

Officials are aware of the situation and are hard at work trying to get more vaccines, medical professionals and therefore, more available appointments.

For all updates regarding COVID-19 Vaccination Sites, available appointments and eligibility requirements, head to or

We will get there. Just hang on.

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