If you're a parent, grandparent or even a stellar aunt or uncle then you get the concept of gladly wanting to trade places with your little one anytime they're sick or hurting. Watching them suffer is so much worse than any physical symptoms we would experience ourselves. We're their great protectors, and while they're young, we're also their big decision makers.

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No pressure right? It's solely up to us to protect our kids at all costs.  I'm convinced that we as a society will always argue about how to do that best.  Ever since that viral controversy of the white/gold vs. blue/black dress back in 2015, I've looked at differing opinions in a new way. Remember how we all firmly believed that what we were seeing was right?  Can you recall the frustration you felt when someone did not see the colors you did? Of course, later we learned that due to our eye shape we really did see it the way we said we did. The problem is, so did the other side. When we disagree, we spend so much time trying to convince others to see things our way that tempers often flare.  Add the animalistic instinct to protect our kids on top of that, and you have a hot debate.

I have two close friends in my life that feel equally passionate about what to do when it comes to vaccinating their kids from COVID and they couldn't be further apart on the subject. My one friend feels that she would never expose her 10-year daughter to the unknown of the vaccine. She fears the rumors surrounding it and since she can't categorically disprove those rumors, she's not taking the risk. I can respect that.

On the other side, there's my friend Bridget who feels so strongly that science is the only way out of this nightmare that she offered up her child to be one of the first kids to get the vaccine in the Pfizer trials. I certainly respect that too. It's worth mentioning that both of these moms are smart cookies and I've watched them both make great life decisions.  Since fear of the unknown is the great divider and information is the great unifier, Lou and I wanted to share our platform with Bridget and Juliet so we could hear what this 12-year-old Jersey girl's COVID trial experience was like first hand.  If you missed them on the show today you can hear it right here:

I'm so proud of Juliet for her decision and for wanting to do her part to get this pandemic under control. I would go so far as to say that her efforts were French Macaron worthy and there may or may not be a fresh batch on the way to her house right now.  ;-)

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