First it was free donuts, then free New Jersey may be upping the anti to convince you to get vaccinated.  Would a hundred bucks help you make up your mind?  Gov. Phil Murphy has said he’s open to the idea of paying people who get vaccinated against COVID-19. Look, in a world where money talks this will work.

I remember being in college and all the blood banks would set up shop around campus. Was it because college kids had the biggest philanthropic hearts? No. It was because they paid you $40 cash for your blood platelets and that meant beer money.

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Should we all get vaccinated because we want to protect ourselves and others? Yes. Will paying people to get vaccinated be a bigger motivator? You bet. Who cares how we get to the finish line here…if it works, it works. Just wait and see how many people change their minds once money is in the mix.

Gov Phil Murphy says, “All options remain on the table. We’re going to do what it takes to get our folks vaccinated,” Murphy had said on Friday when asked about the cash incentive during an interview with Fox 5 New York.

Is it bribing people? Of course, but how many of us have given our kid a lollypop when they have to get a shot at the doctors? It’s no different, as adults our currency has just evolved.  It's not lost on me though that around the world (like in India) they can’t get the vaccine and people are dying like crazy. Here in America we finally have access and we're like, “ me and I'll think about it.” Honestly, this is why people around the world hate us. However, it is our reality and I say speak to the masses in a language they understand and let’s get this done.

We're not the first to think of this…Maryland has been offering $100 to fully vaccinated  state employees, and West Virginia has offered $100 savings bonds to 16- to 35-year-olds who get vaccinated. Not bad!
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