Some restaurants are just adorable. But around the holidays this local joint is extra warm and fuzzy!

I pass this place all the time and have had it on my list of places to go for breakfast or lunch.

I finally had the chance, and, being that it's the Christmas season, it is EXTRA decorated (if that's even possible, lol) for the holidays...

...Including the waitresses all being dressed in their Christmas pajamas!

I am talking about Shut Up and Eat! in Toms River on Main Street.

(Shut Up and Eat! Toms River, photo by Liz Jeressi)

Their menu is ridiculously large which makes it hard to choose, especially when, on top of that, they had a TON of specials that were extra hard to resist. I loved their French Toast and breakfast bowl (the grits bowl with bacon, eggs, and avocado was fabulous.) The meatloaf and potato lunch bowl is what I'm getting next time! But their burgers look delicious, too.

And even the birthday singing is special.....I  hope you're there when someone is celebrating to see what I mean. Love it!!!!

This place put a smile on my face and I will be back. Atmosphere means a lot to me when dining out and this place has a TON of it :)

(Shut Up and Eat! Toms River, photo by Liz Jeressi)