Let me first say this, I'm not really into Batman-type movies...Spiderman, Superman, I'm very "eh" about the whole comic-book-turned-movie thing. I've never seen Twilight either. (I know.)

That said, The Dark Knight Rises was flippin' amazing...except I was super distracted.

I only went to see it because Duzzy had been asking to go for a week.

Obviously the first thing everyone thinks of when they think of that movie is, unfortunately, the Aurora massacre.

We went to the theater in Freehold, finding a packed house when we got there. We found seats, and settled in to watch the movie. There were the typical annoyances -- people talking behind us, kids texting the whole time so that ridiculous iPhone strobe flashed like lightning every 30 seconds -- but the whole time, I just couldn't stop thinking about the shooting. I tried to forget it, and focus on what was happening on the screen.

More than two hours into the film, I was really into the story...it was good. I was dying to know how it was going to end. The suspense was driving me crazy.

And then? The screen went dead. House lights came on.

I don't know about everyone else, but for a second or two, I was really scared. It was just a strange combination of the movie being a bit scary, and the recent theater shooting, and the surprise of the movie suddenly going out.

Now obviously, after a few minutes, we realized it was just a power outage, and we just wanted the movie to come back on so we could find out how it ended (OMG, GO SEE IT.) but again, it was just another nagging distraction.

Add to that, the previously mentioned annoying teens walking up to the front emergency exits, coming in the other emergency exit more than once, and it just had me on edge.

It wasn't until after the movie that I found out Duzzy felt distracted the whole time too, thinking how easy it would be for a crazy person to run in and do something unspeakable.

Hard to tell if I will ever be able to sit in a theater again without thinking of those people in Colorado...maybe we should HAVE to think of them every time...but is it terrible that I don't want to?

I'd rather not live in fear.

And trust me, even if action flicks aren't your thing, go see this movie. It's really good.

Are you distracted at the movie theater? Tell us below!