Well first let me say I know he/she is cute and adorable, especially when they are little babies. I know that it's probably not a good idea to have a bunny in your garden, but hear me out first and I'm curious to see what you have to say.


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This baby bunny seems to be on its own and has been sleeping in my wife's garden for a couple of days now. So for now we are enjoying a "cute" little critter in our garden. We do know that he/she will be getting bigger and possibly more hungry. Not good to have a hungry bunny near your veggies, right?

We do not have any problems with deer because the backyard garden is fenced in but tiny bunnies are almost impossible to keep from squeezing throw a space, much like the chipmunks who call our home theirs lol.

We have been thinking "can we feed this little bunny and just coexist?" so there are tips for feeding a wild rabbit. Basically, we are thinking if he doesn't bother our food, we won't bother him, we enjoy wildlife. Don't get me wrong we can't lose our veggies, but let's see what happens, the baby may move on or possibly we are adopting him/her.



The bunny seems to like our little dog Dexter and he could care less about the bunny so for now it is peaceful in the garden lol.

So do you have wild rabbits? do you have a garden? do you have insight into this situation? love hearing your comments, please post your answers below and let us know. Happy gardening :)


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