Many Jersey towns are alerting their residents about a phone scam that is picking up steam.

While anyone could fall victim to this hoax, it is being reported that the elderly are being targeted.

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Like most phone scams, the callers will use an anonymous phone number, a blocked phone number, or one that is not familiar.

The person on the other line will identify themselves as an attorney, or representative from an attorney's office.

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They go on to say that a family member has been arrested and is in jail and that the family member is in need of bail money in order to be released.

This part is important. The scammers will demand a cash payment be made to a "courier" so that the family member can be released on bail.

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Unlike many other phone scams where transactions are done over the phone, an actual person pretending to be a courier will arrive at the victim's residence and take their money.

Being scammed over the phone can be scary for many, but the fact that a complete stranger is showing up at doorsteps is terrifying.

Call your police department's detective bureau if this or any other scam is attempted.

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Know that no legitimate legal service would ever operate a business this way.

It is so important that you remind friends and loved ones, especially the elderly, to always use caution when answering a call from an unknown or blocked number.

Stress to them that if it feels like it may be a scam, it probably is one.

My grandmother will often call me if she thinks something is suspicious.

I encourage that and you should too.

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