In one week, the arcade for adults will be open in New Jersey! (And it's about time, too!)

On Monday, November 13th, a 34,000 square-foot venue known as the one, the only Dave & Busters will be opening in Woodbridge Mall on the upper level of the Sears wing of the mall.

Never been to a Dave & Busters? Well, boy oh boy are you missing out! Just imagine an arcade, games, and prizes all mixed in with a bar! So it is literally like a playground for adults!

There is also an additional Dave & Busters that is planned on being opened at the Willowbrook Mall in Wayne. However, this location is under construction and has no specific opening date set yet.

I, for one, am a huge Dave & Busters fan. Every now and then, you just need to throw on a pair of jeans and go kick your friends' butts at some arcade games. Every night I have spent at a Dave & Busters, it has been a fun evening.

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