I remember the year that what was then known as "Great Adventure" opened in Jackson, New Jersey. By the way, check out this very cool site all about the history of Great Adventure and you will see some sights from your childhood as well.


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July 4th weekend in 1974 we received every kid's dream, our very own massive amusement park right here in Ocean County! it was a fantastic day on July 1st forty-eight years ago that Great Adventure opened in Jackson Township. Running around the park it was overwhelming and we always looked forward to a day, and night, out at Six Flags.



Unsplash.com Scott Webb
Unsplash.com Scott Webb



I think the park today, nearly 50 years later, looks better than ever. It is still a fun day regardless of what age you are. I think my favorite time at Six Flags Great Adventure is after dark. The music and the lights always make for a fantastic walk around the park. I may not hit all the coasters like I used to, but I still enjoy the atmosphere at Six Flags. Great Adventure.


Here Are My Top 10 Things You Need To Enjoy During A Visit to

Six Flags Great Adventure:


  1. Good shoes: A must, don't rely on style, wear comfortable shoes or sneakers that you have worn before and trust for a good day out. If your feet fail you then your visit is shot.
  2. Wear sunscreen: You will get tons of sun at Six Flags Great Adventure so make sure you apply sunscreen before and during your visit. Bring your sunscreen!
  3. Wear a hat: If you burn on top, bring a hat. Just make sure you hold it on some rides so it doesn't blow off your head.
  4. Hydrate: Make sure you drink plenty of water during your summer visit.
  5. Skip the Jewelry: It's not a fashion show, so skip the big earrings and necklaces, they can get caught on rides and no one wants that. Save the bling for another time.
  6. Bring Your Debit/Credit Card: Lots of attractions may only use "digital" transactions.
  7. Comfortable clothes: Wear appropriate clothes for the weather. Fast-drying clothes if you are planning to get wet. Keep in mind there's lots of sun exposure so if those shoulders are prone to sunburn, don't wear tank tops, etc.
  8. Shorts with good pockets: You will need to keep your phone secure and your wallet or cards safe too. Wear shorts with good pockets that zip or button. You don't want to lose an iPhone while enjoying the park.
  9. Remember your parking section: Take a pic of where you are parked, you'll need it late at night, trust me.
  10. Stay in touch: If your breaking up into groups make sure everyone has each other's phone numbers and your sound is turned up so this way you can stay in touch in case of any problems or for when you want to meet.
  11. BONUS POINT: Enjoy and take lots of fun pics :)

By the way, my favorite ride at Six Flags Great Adventure is Nitro, followed by Justice League and Skull Mountain.


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