It is that time of year and we are all enjoying delicious Jersey Fresh Produce....the best produce anywhere in the nation. Everyone has their favorite and we asked YOU to tell us what you enjoy here in the Garden State....

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Here is what YOU had to say about Jersey Produce and what your favorites are:

Deborah: Jersey corn/Jersey strawberries

Chris: Sweet Corn

Amy: Tomatoes

Diana: Blueberries

Sharon: Tomatoes, corn, cantaloupe

Stephen: Can't really go wrong with Jersey produce

Bud: Beautiful Women

Wm: Wawa Coffee


I must admit my favorite is the Jersey Tomato and this year my wife has a fantastic crop in her home garden. Fresh sliced tomatoes all summer and she will can tomatoes for sauce, salsa, and more. Another item I love from her garden is the cucumbers and here in Jersey, we have delicious cucumbers! and once again she has plenty for all summer long and she is canning her own pickles for the rest of the year. Dill and bread and we will have delicious pickles all year.

We are truly blessed to have the produce we have here in the Garden State and not only is it delicious but it is also good for you! Blueberries are the state fruit and the tomato is the state vegetable....both are outstanding and in-demand every summer.

Be sure to stop by a local produce stand and enjoy some delicious Jersey fruits and veggies before summer is over :)


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