Entertainment icon Dick Clark passed away this morning at age 82. With roots in radio, he was all that anyone who becomes a "DJ" aspires to be.

Dick Clark's career began in 1945 when he worked in the mail room of a radio station in Utica, NY. He quickly hit the airwaves and it was all uphill from there.


From radio, it was on to TV with hosting duties of American Bandstand. He hosted The Pyramid game shows and was always with us to ring in the new year with "Rockin' Eve" live from New York. Check out this clip of the intro to the long running show that made stars out of many pop artists in the 50s, 60s and 70s.

Dick Clark was "cool" without trying to be. His timing was unmatched. He was the ultimate master of ceremonies. If it was part of popular culture, Dick was promoting it and talking about it. He became a part of our lives.

There would be no Ryan Seacrest without Dick Clark. The styles that I use to talk with you everyday on the radio wouldn't exist without Dick Clark's influence.

I'd like to say a  heartfelt "thank you" to Dick Clark for being a part of making the radio business and entertainment business, in a word, awesome.

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