It's safe to say Kanye West and Drake's ongoing feud won't be ending anytime soon.

In a move that is sure to escalate an already tense situation, the Donda rapper seemingly shared his competitor's address on Instagram.

Though we won't share the post here — which features a Google Maps location that appears to show Drake's home in Toronto, Canada — a screenshot of West's since-deleted update remains on Twitter.

But why would 'Ye dox Drake?

The petty move comes after Drake allegedly slid a dig at West in his Trippie Redd collaboration "Betrayal." The line in question mentions West's age and calls him burnt out.

For what it's worth, Drake doesn't seem overly bothered by West's antics. TMZ noted that shortly after the post went live, the "One Dance" rapper went on a drive and posted a video of himself laughing on his Instagram story. That's one way to handle being doxed!

Meanwhile, West shared and then deleted a second incendiary post on Instagram. This one was a screenshot of a group chat that now includes Pusha T, who has his own beef with Drake.

Drake and West's beef has dragged on for years now. A timeline compiled by People tracks the evolution of their complex relationship, which started with Drake paying tribute to West in 2007 and 2008.

At one point Drake even called West the "most influential person" behind his sound, and they frequently collaborated. The disses started flying in early 2011 and have continued on and off since, with moments of collaboration and fleeting truces in between.

It got ugly in 2018, when West landed on Pusha T's album Daytona. West produced a song called "Infrared," which seemingly accused Drake of using a ghostwriter. Shots were fired, but the drama only grew when Pusha T revealed that Drake was a father in another track.

At the time, Drake opened up about the feuds and implied that West may have been the one to tell Pusha T about his at-the-time secret son Adonis.

The back and forth continued: In 2018, West went off on Drake in an explosive Twitter thread. Drake, meanwhile, sparked conversation earlier this year when he possibly referenced having an affair with Kim Kardashian on a new song.

At the rate things are going, it doesn't appear that either rapper is ready to make nice.

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