Call him whatever you want, Kanye or Ye, I call him desperate.  He lost 1.5 billion dollars of his net worth in a matter of days, yet he leans into all the controversy.  It's not about the money, it is about his insatiable thirst for attention, good or bad. 

Ye was escorted out of the Sketcher’s corporate headquarters yesterday after pulling a stunt that only someone completely intoxicated on their own confidence could pull.   

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Imagine rolling up to a corporate office without an appointment, and with an entourage carrying rolling cameras capturing unauthorized footage.  That’s what happened and the effort did not last long.  Ye and his crew were very quickly escorted out of the building before he could make his elevator pitch to partner up.

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ICYMI Ye was dumped by Adidas and Gap for his anti-Semitic remarks so he scurried over to Sketcher’s to try and co-brand Yeezy with them without an invite.  He ambushed them and they said no thank you and here’s the door.   

For complete clarity, Skechers released a statement saying that they have no intention of working with Ye and that they also said,

“We condemn his recent divisive remarks and do not tolerate antisemitism or any other form of hate speech.”  


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TJ Maxx just dropped all Yeezy clothing as well.  If Ye wants to keep his brand alive it is going to have to be a direct-to-consumer operation.  Even then, who will proudly wear Yeezy?  What do you think?  Will there still be a market for Ye? His net worth dropped by over 1.6 billion dollars in a matter of days and the spiral is still going.  Here are some more celebrity net worths for you:

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