All of the end of year studies will be coming out very soon, so we'll see if driving in the Garden State got any better over the past 12 months.

Anybody who spent at least one minute driving in New Jersey in 2019 is probably not too optimistic about any major increase in our rank from last year. What was our rank last year you ask?

Let's recap the findings from 2018's driving that was published at Wallet Hub. Spoiler alert...we didn't do well. Positive spoiler alert...we weren't the worst state in America for driving, but it was close.

For the driving year of 2018, New Jersey ranked as the 41st best state to drive in, or ninth worst, depending how you want to word it. There was some good news. Among all the bad rankings, we did wind up being 7th best state for the 'safety' category.

Will we do any better for 2019? We can only wait to find out. And we're pretty good at waiting. We've all sat in traffic on the Parkway, right?

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