We asked you to see if you could name a Jersey Shore landmark that we all see through our car windows as we drive around our area. How did you do?

As my wife and I were driving over the weekend, we passed this spot, which we pass a handful of times each week, and since I was in the passenger seat, I was doing a little sightseeing.

I looked at this bridge, which I've seen a thousand times, and realized I never really took a good look at it. You know what I mean, right? So I figured I'd see how many people (those who occasionally look up) could identify it.

And here's what I learned. Lot's of Shore residents, knew it, and they knew it by a few different names. We had answers that included The Route 88 Bridge, The Canal Bridge and The Lovelandtown Bridge.

We'll take them all. There's no doubt you guys knew exactly where the picture was taklen, so nice job to Linda, Michael, Jen and Nel and all the other listeners who got this one right! Good job!

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