(The WhiteChapel Projects)



I have been wanting to check out this cool place! Have you been yet?

The WhiteChapel Projects is a (social-distancing) gathering space in Long Branch featuring craft nano-brews, food, art and music. There's a brewery, a yard, a courtyard, The Sparrow restaurant, and The Chapel, which is a large structure used as a creative space for all kinds of events. Sounds so amazing!

(The WhiteChapel Projects)

They host so many different types of events...from markets to yoga to dinner to drinks....and on Thursday evening, Aug. 13th, you're invited to enjoy a 3-course meal at 7 pm, followed by a showing of the iconic "Jaws" movie at 8 pm.

I mean, how much fun is it to see the ultimate Shark movie when you are just a short walk away from the ocean, lol??!!

CLICK HERE for tickets. WhiteChapel Projects is located at 15 Second Ave. in Long Branch, and you WILL need tickets for this event. Proceeds benefit Monmouth Arts. For more info CLICK HERE!

Monmouth Arts is a non-profit that supports the arts and artists in Monmouth County. They deliver so many programs and services surrounding artists of all kinds to ensure that art thrives in all corners of Monmouth County. And that includes everything from jazz music to musical theatre and everything in between. To find out more about supporting or volunteering for this amazing organization, CLICK HERE.

The WhiteChapel Projects did their part to help JBJ Soul Kitchen feed those in need during the Covid-19 shutdown (while restaurants were still closed to outdoor dining) by lending their kitchen to Chefs Wendy and Josh so that they could continue to prepare meals for those with food insecurities while the SK kitchen was under reconstruction. A fine example of an industry coming together to support one another during a crisis.

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