When I tell people one of my favorite movies of all time is the 1975 classic, JAWS, I usually get, “the movie about the shark?!” type of response as if I should rethink my choice. So, I thought about it again and my response is…JAWS. I find the cinema classic to be more of a movie about the relationships between the people rather than a shark. Chief Brody wants to protect the people, while Mayor Larry Vaughn is more concerned with profits generated by tourism to the small town of Amity. Both receive pressure from the business owners, who are very vocal at the town meetings. Archeologist Matt Hooper’s academic approach to capturing the shark conflicts with Captain Quint’s abrasive working-class demeanor. Throughout the movie, you can feel the tension between Chief Brody and his wife, Ellen, as she doesn’t consider Amity Island her home.

Now for some fun facts…the Academy Award-winning film was released June 20, 1975 establishing the concept of the “Summer Blockbuster,” becoming the first motion picture to gross over $100 million. The movie was developed by Peter Benchley’s book, originally titled, “Silence in the Deep.” (So glad he changed that). Three mechanical sharks were used to play the great white. A “left,” “right” shark for side shots and a full-sized model. The mechanical sharks which cost $225,000 often malfunctioned, so Steven Spielberg (the director) used “invisible” threats to signify the presence of the shark. The barrels, the camera angles from the shark’s point of view and of course the repetition of two musical notes. Original filming took place at Martha’s Vineyard from May to June, but was extended three months due to shooting complications.

Now you can check out the iconic film on the big screen with a different perspective at the Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank this Tuesday, June 26th at 7 p.m. Click http://thebasie.org/events/jaws-1975/ for ticket information and details. “You’re gonna need a bigger boat.”

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