There's been half a dozen school bus crashes in Lakewood Township since September for various reasons with certain similarities.

The latest in this troubling trend occurred on Wednesday afternoon, around 2:00 pm, at the corner of Locust Street and Vermont Avenue where a school bus struck a utility pole.

In a statement provided to Townsquare Media News, Lakewood Police Captain Gregory Staffordsmith said that the driver of a school bus owned by the Yeshiva Stolin Karlin Bus Company hit the pole after trying to reach for a fallen object on the bus.

Fortunately, there were no students or anyone else on board and the driver of the bus was uninjured.

While not all of the school bus crashes that have occurred in Lakewood over the last few months have been the fault of the school bus driver, Police Chief Gregory Meyer has previously said that the department has been in touch with companies who own these busses to determine what could have been avoided.

Previous reporting by Dan Alexander was used in this news article.

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