Let's just say it, TikTok spawns some entertaining content.  Full disclosure, I've personally gone down a rabbit hole or two watching a string of average people doing outrageous things on the platform.

The thing is, TikTok is literally a direct pipeline to almost every young person in America, and with that kind of access, it isn't always going to be pretty.

Social media is everchanging and it is hard for busy parents to keep up.  Of course, there are wonderful trends like the ice bucket challenge raising countless dollars for ALS but there are plenty of dangerous challenges too so I wanted to let you know about the most recent one.

This disturbing challenge recently surfaced and requires taking "Orbeez", (which are jelly-like balls that expand in water), and then freezing them after expansions.  Next, they get loaded into an airsoft gun for drive-by shootings.

The expectation is that they will burst on contact but if they are too frozen they do not burst and they cause real injury.  There have been reports of this challenge being committed in Hamilton and Westfield, New Jersey as well as other parts of the country.

It is pretty important that you explain the potential danger of this trend to your kids because there are some real consequences.  If law enforcement catches someone doing this challenge they will be charged.

I remember when stringing toilet paper through someone's trees on mischief night was the big dare.  Now, with social media platforms, these ideas are spreading faster than parents can shut it down.  At least now you know to have the conversation.

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