When you think about driving in New Jersey, you expect rudeness (even though we didn't make this list at travelandleisure.com). I was on my 12th jughandle of the day the other day, Route 35 to be exact, and it was packed. All the ingredients to get into one of those bad "I'm driving in NJ" moods, and then it happened. Someone...maybe you should sit down....let me in! I was so shocked I almost didn't go, like it was a trick or something. I squinted suspiciously and hesitantly went, waving  'thank you' cautiously to the driver who was just trying to be a nice guy.

That got me thinking. We always talk about how rude the driving can be here around the Garden State and the jokes roll off our tongues like it's second nature. But I spent the rest of that day counting, and by the time I got home, seven people had either let me in front of them or waved 'thank you' if I let them ahead of me. Maybe we don't deserve the reputation.