One of the things I love to write about is our local history. We have such fantastic history here at the Jersey Shore and this is another piece of our history in Ocean County. The last story I shared with you was entered on the old Methodist Cemetery in Downtown Toms River where three Revolutionary War Veterans are buried. It was very interesting to find out who these three heroes were and a little about their story...which centered right here in Ocean County.

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So this time around we are back in Toms River and we are taking a look at the historic Blake House. The historic building is located at 121 Washington Street in Downtown Toms River.

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Blake House was built circa 1891. The exterior of the building shows off a multi-gabled Victorian with green and an almost mustard-like color with hints of rose and a variety of wood shingle treatments...It definitely catches your eye.


Shawn Michaels


One of the stories behind Blake House involved St. Joseph's Church in Toms River. Around the turn of the century, the house served as a convent for area nuns circa 1900. As the story goes the nuns from St. Joseph's Roman Catholic elementary school used the Blake House as their convent. When the nuns were moved to new quarters, the  Blake House then became a private residence and recently, after interior remodeling, it has been used for professional offices here in Downtown Toms River.

So next time you're taking a stroll downtown, take a moment to check out the 130-year-old Blake House...a part of Ocean County history.



Shawn Michaels


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