With each passing mile I log on Garden State roads, the question gets deeper and more mysterious. Does anyone in New Jersey know how to drive.

I know you know how to drive, and I know I know how to drive, so let's leave us out of this. But for the rest of the New Jersey drivers we encounter each day, we'd love to know exactly what's going through your mind.

Here are some things I want to get off my chest about some of the hideous driving decisions I see all the time around the Garden State.

It Ain't My Fault 1...If you're in the right lane and I'm in the middle lane and you're mad at the guy in front of you for going too slow, you don't have the right to cut me off to get around him.

It Ain't My Fault 2...If you're driving north and I'm driving south and there's construction or a garbage truck or a jogger or a Canada goose blocking your lane, you don't get to just jump blindly into my lane.

Ramp Etiquette...Correct me if I'm wrong on this one, but if you're on a ramp entering the Parkway and I'm already on it, you should be the one yielding right? I'll get over and make room for you if I can, but if I can't, you're gonna have slow down at some point, right?

There are about 3000 more examples I can use, and I will probably use some of them in my next venting session. In the meantime, I hope everybody pays attention to these points (except you and me of course, we're great drivers).

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