The most hated girl in the house got the proposal as Ben dropped to one knee for Courtney Robertson on last night's finale of The Bachelor.

It comes as no surprise. Ben could hardly hide his attraction to Courtney and could barely get through his fake "I thing your great" lines to Lindzi while she was spilling her heart out to him on their final date. This is the same guy who was PISSED when Ashley led him on at the end of last season when he thought he was going to marry HER. But Ben didn't find it in himself to give Lindzi any kind of hint that he wasn't in love with her. Instead she got to be embarrassed on national tv. And how must it feel to know that she, the nice, sweet girl with REAL love in her heart, lost out to the witch?!

 Then Courtney stepped off the helicopter onto the mountain where Ben was waiting for her and Ben told her he knew they would last forever, got down on one knee, and proposed.

Cut to the present. To the "After The Final Rose" update. Once Ben went home and got to see the whole show on tv and see exactly what evil Courtney was capable of, he called off the engagement until he had time to think about the whole thing. Meanwhile, Courtney felt abandoned even though she was the cause of 'soiling' such a beautiful love story (Ben's words). Ben, who was cool as a cucumber up til now, had tears rolling down his face and you could tell it was hard for him to forgive her for spoiling such true love.

But, when asked, he said he still loves her. And she still loves him. And the ring is back on her finger. You just can't rip apart true love. They deserve each other so I wish them the best and really hope Courtney has turned into a better woman.

Poor Lindzi didn't even get a chance to come on the show, see Ben one last time, and get any closure. There was no time for her amidst all the drama. Come to think of it, she's probably better off.

Next up: Emily Maynard and her sweet little girl....looking for love starting May 14th. Let's hope her judgement is a little better.

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