Parkway drivers are usually in so much of a rush that they will stop for nothing. But that was not the case recently.

(Parkway Dog "PK", photo from East Orange Adoptable Dogs and Cats Facebook page)

Parkway Dog was running loose on the Garden State Parkway in the area of The Orange exits this past Saturday evening and, despite the usual entitlement of people who just want you to get out of their way so that they can get where they're going, drivers did everything they could to avoid hitting this dog, causing traffic delays as good Samaritans tried to save this dog's life.

With the help of some awesome State Troopers who received multiple calls, "PK" was rescued after about an hour of running around and is in the care of the East Orange Animal Shelter. So far no one has come forward to bring her home, so this sweet dog may be up for adoption.

With one blue and one brown eye, this adorable girl is already getting so much attention! She looks to me like a Terrier mix.

(Proof of ownership required for reclaim, call 862-930-7856.)

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