I am kind of grossed out by Seaside's decision to ban dogs, even emotional support dogs, from their beaches and boardwalks.

And yes, even during the off season.

More and more people are coming out of hiding sooner because of cabin fever all thanks to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

But still....I don't agree...

Bringing your dog to the beach is a responsibility.

You must clean up after your dog, you must keep an eye on your dog and they must be kept under control to not disturb anyone else on the beach during the off season.

There are other New Jersey towns that have dog-friendly beaches with specific days and times they can visit....and they seem to be doing okay.

There is Ocean City, Asbury Park, Manasquan, Middletown...so it is not that weird of a standard.


I am not even saying allow this 24/7.

Keep it during the off season and before and after peak hours during the Summer.

A lot of people's first response will be, "Well then there will be poop everywhere!"

For the Summer time, I do understand your concern and there may be a way to incorporate a rule that works for all.

However....during the off season, it is primarily locals who reside at the Jersey Shore -- aka the people who care about the state of our beaches that much more because they are OUR beaches.

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Plus, if I may also add: dogs are allowed in various bars, restaurants, boardwalks, parks and other establishments elsewhere in the Garden State. I have been to these places and I must say, there is NOT poop everywhere.

I just think that we have the beaches, we might as well use them to the fullest.

Have you ever seen a happy dog running down the beach with a tennis ball in his/her mouth? It is powerful enough to make you change your mind.

So what do you think?

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