I might sound like a total degenerate with this idea but here we go.

Are open containers on our boardwalks really THAT bad?!

Before you dismiss my idea, hear me out.

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For this upcoming Summer.....each major beach town with bars and other businesses on their boardwalk will have a designated cup color. For example, Point Pleasant cups will be blue, Seaside will be green etc.

Local law enforcement would be instructed to leave those with one of these cups alone because this cup signifies that they legally bought this drink while on the boardwalk.

Anyone who is spotted with any other type of open container would be subject to a fine.

If you are worried about people taking advantage of the color system, switch the color of each town's cup each day, week or weekend.

With this new system, beach goers have the freedom to purchase a cocktail and then continue to roam the boardwalk without being restrained inside an individual bar or restaurant.

We want people out and about. We want people bar hopping. We want people socializing.

But most importantly, we want people shopping....and there is nothing like going on a shopping spree after a few glasses of wine.

The goal: to help make up for lost time and business. Our local businesses have been hit hard so anything that can help to attract more people and keep them spending is a plus in my book.

If I may also add -- to go cocktails have been allowed throughout this pandemic so bars had another form of revenue to rely on.

I don't recall hearing anything going crazy wrong? Or did I miss something?

Of course there are always going to be those few bad eggs but with this system, they will stick out like a soar thumb.

But here is where I need suggestions: What do we do about the Jersey Shore boardwalks without bars and other local businesses on it?

Do you think these should be given free reign? Should open containers be illegal all together?

I feel like there has got to be an idea that makes everyone happy!

If you have an idea, I wanna know about it. Email me at Nicole.Murray@Townsquaremedia.com.

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