We did a poll to find out how New Jersey's list of least favorite chores compared to the same list across the nation, and the results are in.

We asked New Jersey residents to name their least favorite household chores and we got as many unexpected answers as obvious ones.

There Are A Lot Of Chores New Jersey Residents Don't Like

Some daily tasks might not fall under the traditional "chore" category that received a lot of votes, like changing the cat litter, which can be among the smelliest chores ever.

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We came across some funny ones too, like the one we got from Christine from Beachwood,

I’ll ask my housekeeper when she gets here and let you know.

The top three most despised chores according to our informal poll and your answers might surprise you.

New Jersey's Top 3 Most Despised Chores

In third place was washing dishes or emptying the dishwasher. The biggest gripe was having to wash the dishes right after cooking.

The #2 most despised household chore for New Jersey residents is cleaning the bathroom. It literally is a dirty job.

The most disliked household chore according to your votes is doing the laundry. t is relentless, never-ending, and thankless.

How Does The Results Compare To The Rest Of The Nation

A few years back, USA Today reported the same 3 chores as the most hated across the country, but they had dishes at #1, laundry at #2, and cleaning the bathroom in third.

Here's one more great New Jersey response to the question of what's the most hated chore in New Jersey, this time from Kathy in Little Ferry.

Being married

One thing about New Jersey residents, we have a great sense of humor.

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