Science has supposedly proven something that I think A LOT of people already suspected: Dogs can tell if someone is a "bad person."

Here is the experiment that Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Review conducted to help determine this:

Dogs and their owners were confronted with a treat compartment that was difficult to open.

There was a second person in the room that did one of three things:

1. Helped the dog owner

2. Stood there passively

3. Refused to help altogether

Then the second person would offer the dog a treat once the compartment was open.

The dog would almost NEVER take a treat from the person who refused to help their owner.

This in itself shows how selfless a dog can be: Refusing to take a delicious treat because they can sense that this other person did not have good intentions with their owner earlier on.

I, for one, completely agree with these results.

My dog, Carolina, is a SUPER friendly dog that honestly would take scratches from just about anyone.

Well almost....she has stood in-between myself and other people before without me knowing why. (Of course I eventually found out that these people are...well...let's just say not my kind of people.)

She has also stayed closer to me in the presence of certain people that were more aggressive with me. When she is in this protective mode, she watches my every move.

She has even stood in-between me and various dates! Whether it is because of jealousy or she is simply sensing that the guy did not have good intentions I will never know.

But, when you mix in these occurrences with the other descriptions above, I gotta give it to that dog that I trust her judgement more than my own.

So, do you agree? Disagree? Maybe partially agree? Tell me why!

Take a look at the article that originally divulges the results of this study at

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