A lot of kids at the Jersey Shore are currently in the middle of a virtual school day on what would have been a snow day in "normal times."

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I've been asking family and friends all day: "Should the kids have been given a snow day today?" and the answers seem to all be pretty similar.

The consensus so far: YES!

"Having snow days while in school is a pivotal part of being a kid," said Paige of Brick. "Let them go outside and play in the snow. Kids are not going to focus on what they are being taught in this situation anyway." 

"It ruins such a classic part of their childhood, said Sue Murray (yes, my mom) "Kids are supposed to run outside in the snow, make hot chocolate and just take a mental break day. One day off is not going to make or break anyone's education."

"I personally think it sucks that the kids do not have a snow day," said Amanda of Point Pleasant. "However, my 13-year-old step son said that he is glad that there is no snow days because those days have to get added at the end of the school year. He [and I] would much rather go the beach." 

Mike (my cousin) who lives up in Brick made another good point:

"With everything that has been going in in the last 10 months, school has drastically changed for the kids. The only part that can show some type of normalcy is giving them a snow day when there is 12 feet of snow on the ground." 

That is a good point....

So now....I want to ask you.

Do you think the kids should have been given the snow day today? And don't be afraid to leave a comment on why you feel the way you do!

Enjoy the day. Stay warm and stay safe!

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